Vintage Retro Kitsch

Answer: Our Vintage Retro Kitsch items are secondhand, or used and may display wear and tear. We do describe and where possible display in images any major flaws (we know the condition of the items we sell as they are all hand picked, they are also digitally photographed for ours and your reference).

Answer: Terms we may use to describe the condition of an item:

Some wear and tear: (means there is some wear and tear)

Good condition: (means the item has some very light wear and tear)

Excellent condition: (means it is in mint or near mint condition)

Synthetic and Human Hair Wefts

Answer: A weft is a strip of hair with a seam at the top which can be sewn into your own hair. You can also sew clips to the seam (the hair extensions in this sale do not come with clips).

Answer: Based on our own experience and dependent on the quality of the synthetic hair it can last up-to 2 months (like the hair we sell). How often the hair is worn and the way in which you treat the hair will also effect how long synthetic hair will last. Cheaper synthetic hair will probably only last a few weeks.

Answer: You can wash synthetic hair and condition it too. However you must take care while washing the hair, and to avoid damage to the synthetic fibres allow the hair to dry before brushing.

You can also use a blow dryer on a moderate temperature (not hot). With synthetic curly hair it is important not to scrub the hair, but to gently run your fingers through it. Again allow it to dry before de-tangling or else you may lose the curls.

Answer: It depends on the look you want to achieve. But in general it is best to use 2 bundles (always check product details to see if the packet contains 1 or 2 bundles and its weight). You can always use any excess hair on your next visit to the salon. If you are in any doubt please consult with your hair stylist.

Answer: We can not guarantee the colors of the hair you see on your monitor ie PC screen, laptop screen, tablet, ipad, smartphone etc… will match exactly the hair you have ordered. This is because screen resolutions and the colors they display differ slightly between devices.

We describe the color as accurately as possible using the standard color scale. However it may be of note to know, especially if you’re looking for a certain color code, that some manufacturers create their own color codes which may not match the standard scale. If you are not happy with the color of the hair you may return the hair to us as stated in our returns policy.

Answer: Many people get confused with how hair extensions are measured. Sometimes they order a 22 inch hair extension only to discover when they receive it, that it is a lot shorter than they expected. This is usually the case with loose wave, body wave and deep curl hair.

This type of hair extension is measured without the wave or curl. To correctly measure hair extensions you have to carefully unfurl the hair fully out from the wefts seam, as in the image below.

This example uses a 22 inch kinky curly weft of hair with a 5mm curl.

Certain styles of hair extensions may not be of even length throughout the weft, the main length of the hair extension will be its measurement from its longest point which is normally the middle lengths of hair from the weft seam to the end of the hair. If you are not happy with the length of the hair you may return the hair to us as stated in our returns policy.