about kode store

About Kode Store

Valore Nel Bello (Value in the beautiful)

We started selling online in 2007 with eBay and over the years have sold many things not connected to our current vintage genres like modern costume jewellry, laptops, hard drives, synthetic hair, the odd car and motorcycle and quite a few other bits and bobs. We have achieved an eBay Top Rated Seller status and most of the time maintained a 100% feedback score. We only sell products we have faith in, and we wouldn't sell anything we wouldn't want ourselves or for someone else, and have attained many seller reviews to confirm that our products are good quality and as described.

Kode-Store.co.uk was created to save us from eBay fees and so we could list everything we have for sale. We now only occasionally sell a few select items through our eBay account. You can find us on eBay here Kode-Store on eBay.

Kode-Store is a small home run business, this website, images, products, titles, descriptions, social media, marketing and eBay are all managed by my partner and myself. It's quite a lot of work, but we are dedicated and passionate about our business and quite happy to put in the time it requires for us to run it.

We often get questions about our product images. We create all the product images, and all the images you see on our website are of the actual item for sale, photographed by myself. I have always enjoyed photography, which is one of the reasons I learnt how to build websites. You can see some of my photography on Facebook Lee Allan Kane Photography On Facebook.

We are always looking for other products to sell which is why Kode-Store is generic in its design and why we have two Facebook pages, Kode-Store.co.uk and KS.Vintage Retro Kitsch, as we may have something else to sell which does not fit the vintage genre so we keep Kode-Store.co.uk an open space for any possibilities.

Our Vintage Retro Kitsch

Marie and I (Lee, aka Mr Kode Store) have a keen eye for spotting beautiful things so we started to collect and invest in vintage products and found that we loved it, we search everywhere for gorgeous things to add to our collection which we display here for sale. We believe all the spaces in our homes have their corners, shelves, desks and tables whereby adding the right piece can make those places just that little bit more unique and exciting.

We research all our vintage items and spend lots of hours on Google searching for information about them which when available we add to their description. We try to be as accurate as possible about the measurements and condition of the items we sell, and we price the products by averaging the prices of similar products sold online through eBay, Etsy and other auction websites. Sometimes our prices are higher than average on certain items as occasionally we feel a particular item has been undervalued elsewhere or because of sentimental value, some things we would like to see go to good home.

We are here to answer any of your questions and you can contact us through the contact form or email us or call us. If we are not available just leave us a message and we will get back to you.

Thank you for reading about us, and happy shopping.

lee and marie kode store

Lee and Marie